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Everyone is speculating over Eminem’s newest album, MMLP2. This album has been waited on by millions for a while now, and it did not let anyone down. This entire has a huge mix of sounds, from hard, soft, fun, serious, sad and happy.

It’s an amazing album, but I would like to focus on one song in particular: Bad Guy. I think Slim Shady is back. At one point, you would think you’re listening to Stan trying to drive off the bridge again. In my opinion, it’s the best song on his album, and one of the best ones he’s released in a while. 

Other Dime’s on this track are Rap God, Stronger Than I Was, Headlights, Legacy, and Love Game. When you get a chance, you should really listen to this album. 

If you are lost in the world and looking for something, this is the perfect song for you.

James Blake and Chance the Rapper made an impeccable creation that’s aimed for those souls that are wandering in the world. It really makes you look at the place around you in a different way.

This song is a great combination of Blake’s searching voice, a dazing beat and Chance’s raps that sound like a painful past. Overall, this song is for those who are lost, but not looking to be found.


VOTD: Danny Brown - ‘Dip’

If you haven’t been thrashing to Danny Brown’s electronic beatdown of a new album, Old, it’s about time you get there. With a side A that Kendrick would vibe too and the most brutal second half since that last football game your favorite team lost, Danny takes his swag to a new level on this record. “Dip” is the definition of OldI’s side B, which first punches you in the jaw with “Dope Song”, then slams you to the ground with the quickness. Kidnapping the last bars of “Niggas In Paris” (“Don’t let me into my zone”) as a hook, Danny rides in with two verses about goin’ hard and gettin’ some while cartoons bug out on his eyes, then dips. You know how he does. Go listen to Old for real - it’s a party.  

-Spencer Swan

New Music

I know I’ve been lacking on this blog (way too busy). In a way to get back into it, here’s a bunch of new music that I’ve found lately. 

Diamonds (Flaxo Stadium Remix) by Rhianna

Wrecking Ball by Silver Swans (Miley Cyrus cover)

Old School Love by Lupe Fiasco Ft. Ed Sheeran

Intro by Flume ft. Stalley

 Keep by Hall of Mirrors       

Phoenix (Kill Them With Colour Remix) by A$AP Rocky, Cinematic Orchestra, SWV 

Better You, Better Me by Alicia Keys

Advice- Wiz Khalifa

Fugitive Air by Of Montreal 

Try it out by Skrillex (ft. Alvin Risk)

Also, if you haven’t done it already, check out King’s of Leon’s new Album- Mechanical Bull. It’s an incredible album that really took the band to another level. 

Cage the Elephants new album- Melophobia is also an amazing record. One of their best songs is “Come a Little Closer” 

I would check out all of these songs and albums. There is a lot more new music to come. Enjoy. 

Holy shit Eminem, you really killed this one. This track alone gets me beyond stoked for MMLP2. Never have I seen a song so perfectly titled. This song clearly proves to the world that Eminem is without a doubt a Rap God.

Eminem blows all rappers out of the game with this song. He gives Busta Rhymes a good run for his money for fast rapping while throwing out some of the most insane lyrics ever to be spit. Seriously, listen to this song. If you like rap, this is a great song to check out.

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